A Journey of Heart 

In July 2020, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, PCA’s own Steve Bohn, experienced a life-altering event – a heart attack.

Steve’s story began with a series of perplexing symptoms that sparked in him a surreal experience. Waves of unusual feelings prompted him to investigate and start taking visits to various healthcare professionals. Over two decades, countless visits to emergency rooms and doctors gave no answers, leading him to frustration and self-doubt. “Am I going insane?” With tons of professionals telling him that he’s perfectly fine, all while he felt anything but fine, Steve started to question himself. “You just start doubting everything,” he said. 

“Am I going insane?” With tons of professionals telling him that he’s perfectly fine, all while he felt anything but fine, Steve started to question himself. “You just start doubting everything,” he said. 

Steve Bohn 3 weeks after his heart attack pictured with his wife.

Steve Bohn 3 weeks after his heart attack

Despite numerous tests, including EKGs, stress tests, cholesterol screenings, and heart tests, all results consistently showed a clean record of health. But Steve still knew something was wrong. Unwavering determination to uncover the truth persisted, even as suggestions of panic attacks and anxiety were raised, seemingly unfitting for Steve’s personality.  

The turning point occurred when, during a particularly distressing episode, at his wife’s suggestion, Steve reluctantly agreed to go to the Arkansas Heart Hospital. To his surprise, within 30 minutes of arriving, a life-threatening magnesium deficiency was identified – a condition that had gone unnoticed despite years of medical examinations. 

The emergency room doctor explained that the lack of comprehensive testing was a systemic issue, as insurance often covered only basic examinations. This revelation highlighted a potential flaw in the healthcare system – the oversight of in-depth screenings that could detect critical conditions not covered by routine tests. For Steve, this was preposterous. 

Thankfully, the magnesium deficiency was swiftly addressed with proper treatment, leading to a remarkable improvement in Steve’s condition. Magnesium, a vital element for muscle control, had been the missing piece of the puzzle all along. 

The narrative took an unexpected turn when, a few months later, Steve experienced a heart attack.

Despite years of regular heart screenings, the heart attack revealed a severe blockage in one artery, — the “widow maker”. Emergency surgery became an immediate necessity. 

Post-surgery, Steve faced the harsh realities of open-heart surgery recovery. Intensive pain, discomfort, and weeks of limited mobility were the reality he endured during his period of recovery. The emotional toll, in addition to the physical pain, created an enduring memory of his journey and hardships. 

Having emerged from this tribulation in his life, Steve now passionately advocates for heart health awareness.

His involvement as a team captain in events like the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk is a testament to his commitment to seeing change happen in this specific area. For Steve, he doesn’t want others to have to experience the same things he did.

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One thing Steve wants others to realize is this: He had his heart looked at time and time again and no problem was found by the doctors. But just a few years after — he had his heart attack.

Steve says that it is of utmost importance that we remember “that there are non-invasive tests that you can regularly get to keep a check on your cardiovascular system and heart.” They only require a quick in-and-out visit, no different than a yearly check-up with your PCP.  “I would strongly urge folks to include this into their checkup routines, although I think you can get a heart screening only every 2 or 3 years.”  

The Heart Walk will take place on April 27, 2024. For anyone interested in joining the PCA Team at the Walk, or would like to donate now, you can do so through this link.