Switching IT Providers

Everything you need to know for a smooth transition

When to Switch

Ask yourself the following questions about your current technology provider. If you answer no to any of the following, it is time to switch to a trusted technology coach.

1. Do they strive to understand your business goals & focus on achieving them through technology and a technology roadmap?

2. Are they proactively contacting you to check in on your needs, goals, & challenges?

3. When mistakes happen, do they “own” them?


4. Are they continually recognized as the best & using world-class products & solutions?

5. Do they leverage a team approach rather than being dependent or just one person?

6. Do they resolve problems rapidly & advise in a way that moves you ahead?

7. Do you trust they are protecting you from the perimeter to the endpoint?

How to Make the Transition Smooth

Review your current providers contract -

Make you sure are aware of any cancellation policies.

Know your network -

This will ensure you are comparing apples to apples when searching for a new provider and it will give your new technology coach a better understanding of your environment.

Work as a team -

Coordinate closely between your current and new provider, all working together during your offboarding and onboarding for minimal downtime and few disruptions.

Seek success -

Meet with your new provider and allow them to do a complete audit of your network so they can coach you on what your business will need in the future to remain world-class.

Share the news -

Communicate with your team on any changes that will affect their daily work routines and continue building a relationship with your new technology coach.

Switching to PCA with Ease

When making the switch to PCA Technology Solutions, nothing short of excellence should be expected. Our team provides:

  • Guidance on understanding your current technology stack and expert recommendations on what you need to have to achieve your desired business outcomes
  • Competitive pricing, paired with next level service
  • An intricately designed plan for onboarding to ensure a seamless transition with your security remaining top of mind.

Layered security starts here: Download our Technology Playbook

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