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Do You Have an IT Roadmap for Success?

These days, it is not enough to have a roadmap. You need a strategic IT roadmap that’ll help your company grow.

What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

Even small and mid-size companies can benefit by offloading IT tasks to a managed service provider who can provide services remotely.

Pick Up The Phone and Consider a VoIP Telephone System

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a cloud based phone system. Why choose VoIP over traditional phone lines? Multiple excellent reasons.

When Disaster Strikes, What’s Your Backup Plan?

What’s your backup and recovery plan? Disasters happen. Many companies don’t survive, because they didn’t have a disaster and recovery plan in place.

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DIY Technology Is Over, Proven By Local Ransomware Attacks

Earlier this week, one of our teammates sent me an article late in the day to read from our local NBC affiliate entitled “Over thirty Arkansas counties impacted by cyber-attack”. The very next morning, I was in a meeting discussing this very topic: ransomware.

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Warning! Phishing Doesn’t Look so Phishy

As of January of 2022, the most common phishing scheme used to steal data from businesses appears to be sent by company vendors.

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity can be underestimated, and must be woven into the culture of your workplace and prioritized. So, how do you foster a cybersecurity culture within your entire organization?

Shortcuts that are WORTH Taking

Some Shortcuts are worth taking. Use this guide to learn how Control (CTRL) commands can speed up your workflow, saving you time.

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It’s Time for A Mid-Year Assessment

Now is a perfect time for a mid-year assessment of where you are in your businesses and preparing for next year’s goals and objectives. While doing so, how are you planning for cybersecurity risks, technology needs and the ever-changing landscape that businesses are experiencing in 2022?

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Help! IT’s Just Too Much

Picture it – the year 2000. We had just survived Y2K and the world was a much better place. IT was simpler then. It was completely normal for an IT department for a mid-sized business to consist of one or even two people to take care of it all. That is not the case in 2022.

Why IT Needs a Seat at the Table: The Threats Are Real

Technology is moving faster than ever. Whether it’s targeted warfare, or just “spraying” to determine who’s vulnerable, the threats are real.

Oh Password, Where Art Thou?

I have longed for a ‘passwordless society’ for some time now and Microsoft has taken steps this year toward that possibility. The company announced in mid-September of 2021 that it will introduce a “passwordless account” option for all users of several popular services such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneDrive in the coming weeks.

4 Steps to Securing your Personal Data After a Breach

Protecting your personal data is a growing concern in our society. There is news of cyber attacks and data leaks being reported constantly and we are all potential victims.

Your Business has been HACKED — Now What?

While proper cyber hygiene comprised of layered security solutions and ongoing staff training are key ingredients to preventing an attack, a plan for disaster recovery is still essential. Cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their attacks, making no one completely safe.

Ready for a Virtual Platform? Keep Security Front and Center

2020 has proven to us that virtual is essential for survival. And it is not likely going to ever be the same again. Is your financial institution bracing that change? If not, what is stopping you?

PASSWORD: Password

If you use the same email address and password combination for your accounts and subscriptions, and a hacker gets access to one, they now have access to all.

The First Step to Preventing a Cyberattack Starts with….

How do I prevent ransomware? How do I prevent phishing? How do I protect my company from being hacked in a cyberattack?

Q&A: with us: Protecting Your Present and Future Office Environment

Join technology experts from PCA Technology Solutions and ESET for a Q&A session on how businesses can protect.

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