Do You Have an IT Roadmap for Success?

by | Feb 2, 2023

IT Roadmap:

Also known as a Technology Roadmap, an IT Roadmap is a visual representation of the journey to an objective, goal, or value. An IT Roadmap is typically created as part of an IT Strategy.

These days, it is not enough to have a roadmap. You need a strategic IT roadmap that’ll help your company grow. 

IT teams are overwhelmed with the great responsibility of supporting the day-to-day technology operations.

This makes it difficult for companies to achieve long-term technology goals.

Proactive managed IT service companies like PCA Technology Solutions offer technology coaching to help companies create a technology roadmap to reach both short and long-term goals

What exactly is an IT Roadmap?

Your IT Roadmap dictates how your technology will support your business strategy and is designed to help your company executives collaborate with IT professionals. This roadmap contains considerations for strategy, timelines of projects, costs and duration, and justifications.

A solid roadmap should provide for visualization of the balance between investment and project priorities.

6 essential components for an IT Roadmap:

1. Identifying Goals: What will you accomplish? What changes will you make to the IT environment?

2. Account for Innovation: What technology is going to soon be obsolete?

3. Identify Stages & Arrange Priorities: What projects are needed to reach your goal and what is their priority?

4. Cost Analysis & Review: Is it affordable? What changes can be made to keep it within budget?

5. Timelines: How long will each project take?

6. Assign Personnel: Who is best suited for each project? Do you have the skills to reach the goal within the company?

What will an IT Roadmap really do for my company?

  • Bring company executives and IT professionals onto the same page about technology.
  • Facilitate conversations around investing in technology to reach goals and objectives.
  • Plan technology infrastructure improvements, updates, resourcing needs, projects, and assignments, etc.
  • Improve productivity and IT security.

Many IT departments don’t have the time to work on this roadmap while they run the day-to-day. Having a technology coach like PCA Technology Solutions work as a technology partner alongside your IT team can help your company reach your long-term goals. Contact us today to learn more.